Attract the very best talent

Attract the talent, and the smartest Gen Y minds (which your competitors are unable to access).

Close the gender pay gap

Retain diverse talent

40% of senior women (54,000 each year) leave work due to work|life balance challenges.

Two for the price of one

Sharers bring greater breadth of skills and experience than a single person can offer. (And for SMEs failing to get the maximum value from every salary you pay is a mistake.)


Sharers handover, so both are always up to speed. No days when a key member isn’t in the office to solve a problem or respond to a client, no dramas with holiday or illness.


Increases by 30%.


Commodify the greater levels of innovation and insight from sharers jointly tackling projects.

Succession planning

Have certainty with succession planning - pair people nearing retirement with those on the way up to have experienced and knowledgeable successors ready to go when the moment arises.