At Further&More, we understand the challenges facing employers

In a global and fluid marketplace, employers are struggling to:
- retain their best people;
- create a diverse pipeline of talent at an executive level; and
- differentiate themselves to potential clients and employees.

At its simplest, job-sharing allows the combination of senior and challenging roles with reduced hours.

And we make job-sharing simple

At Further&More, we:
- Create blueprints for integrating job-sharing into your recruitment and talent strategies
- Use our unique software to match sharers’ skills to create the perfect partnership for any role
- Raise awareness of job-sharing
- Deliver bespoke coaching to ensure the job sharers achieve excellence
- Source candidates and promote roles
- Design job share pilots

What people are saying

"Further&More have developed the software that matches sharers’ skills to enable senior job share.

Further&More are credible and stand out from their competitors, clearly articulating benefits to retention and budget. They are shaping the conversation in this exciting space, highlighting benefits beyond the retention of women at work; like using job share for knowledge transfer from those about to retire to less experienced junior talent."

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