You don’t have to be in a partnership to get a role as a job share, but it certainly helps.

How you make your application depends up the particular role - you may be asked to apply separately, or as a pair. Either way, you should:

  • Set out that you want to job share

  • Submit a joint CV and statement giving a sense how you will approach your partnership

At interview, you will give a deeper insight into how you will approach your partnership. We always recommend to employers that they interview sharers together and separately, and you should prepare for that. It’s your opportunity to demonstrate the added value you bring together.

We support job sharers to create a joint CV and compelling covering letter, and deliver coaching so you can prepare to be brilliant interviewees. If you’d like to find out more, use this form to book a free 15 minute call .

After that, we charge:

  • £80 for a joint CV (you complete our online questionnaire and we turn your answers into a bespoke joint CV)

  • £80 for a compelling covering letter (you’ll full in a form and we’ll turn your answers into the letter which also includes clear answers for how to deliver a job share).

  • £250 for a 90 minute joint interview prep session

  • Or, you can include all three elements in a package for £350

Alternatively, tell us you’d like our top ten tips for writing a great job share CV here.


While you don’t have to apply as a pair, it’s ever so much easier if you do. Head here to read our guidance on finding a job share partner.

And if you already have a partner, then you can access our support to apply as a pair here.