Job-sharing certainly has a role to play in every industry. The key, we believe, is understanding the demands and culture of each and adapting to them.

Our core approach though – helping job sharers to establish how their partnership will work before working together – remains constant.

In industries where there is likely to be a long-term employer-employee relationship, the rationale for investing in our services is absolutely clear. The short-term cost is outweighed very quickly by the retention of great staff and organisational knowledge, and by the resultant continuity and diversity.

Where work is more often project-based, like film&TV often is, it is harder to make that case.


And yet, they face the same challenges as other industries – how to retain talented people; how to make it possible to combine work and family life; how to solve problems innovatively.

It is clear the job-sharing can resolve all of these challenges, if we can just find a way to support job sharers outside of the employer-sharer relationship.

Alongside BECTU Vision, we’re delivering a pilot to nurture the growth of job-sharing for film & TV crew in Scotland using a central pot of funding (from Screen Scotland, Scottish Union Learning, BBC and BECTU) to pay for this support.

Creating a central pot of money like this is a great way to grow job-sharing in industries like this.  We’ll be building on success stories to encourage the industry to recognise the value and importance of job-sharing and contribute to a long-term funding pot to keep delivering this support.


If you would like to learn more, or think a pilot could lead to a break through in your industry, drop us a line.


The Take Two offer:


Practitioners will be able to access:

- A job-sharing blueprint (finding a partner, applying for roles & setting up your job share).

- Help for potential sharers to identify what to look for in a partnership.

- Job share coaching.

- Information sessions & advice to Line Producers and HODs.

- Impartial support to job sharers & their production.

- Advocacy for job-sharing & flexible working.


This initiative is supported by Screen Scotland, Scottish Union Learning, BBC & BECTU.