As in other industries, experienced and skilled practitioners can struggle to combine career and family life. And the rapid growth in film and TV productions has led to crew shortages. The good news is that increasing numbers of Line Producers and HODs are open to hiring job-sharers to resolve these challenges.

So, in partnership with BECTU Vision, we’ve launched a pilot to nurture the growth of job-sharing for film & TV crew.


Practitioners will be able to access:

- A job-sharing blueprint (finding a partner, applying for roles & setting up your job share).

- Help for potential sharers to identify what to look for in a partnership.

- Job share coaching.

- Information sessions & advice to Line Producers and HODs.

- Impartial support to job sharers & their production.

- Advocacy for job-sharing & flexible working.


This initiative is supported by Screen Scotland, Scottish Union Learning, BBC & BECTU.