At first glance, job-sharing and FLEX might seem like a strategy for big employers with large headcounts and even bigger budgets to attract and retain diverse talent. And of course, it is. But it is also a really smart solution for SMEs – here’s why:


More talent

In small teams, every single member really has to earn their place.

Each person needs to add to the spread of experience, contacts, approach and perspective.

Job-sharing is a way to really maximise this value, bringing two smart brains for the price of one.

But doesn’t hiring job sharers cost more than a single employee?

Good question. It’s absolutely true that the job share magic(TM) happens in the handover – the two hours a week in which they update, share insights, plan and innovate. Where the paybill is huge, it’s easy to see how these hours can just be added on. But in smaller organisations those extra hours can be found for free by starting an hour later on a different day. It’s that simple.


- increased productivity and innovation

- continuity

- well-being


a much more diverse talent pool to hire from, correlating to commercial edge and bigger profits.