Career mentoring

Our mentors understand your challenges. They'll help you identify career goals, & plan to achieve them.

Skills mapping
We’ll help you to create an honest skills map, drawing on feedback from key people in your network. If there are gaps, or areas with which you feel you need support, then we’ll help you identify ways to remedy this. This will form the basis of your best CV.

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Tailored job search support

We’ll help you identify the right employers for this moment in your career: who'll allow you to do your best work, in a challenging role, with a clear career trajectory.

And we will help you shape a compelling argument for employing you, on your terms, so that when they have a role open, you will have already started a conversation.

We'll also approach 10 employers with full-time vacancies to try to persuade them to accept a job share applicant.

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CV writing

We’ll work with your current CV if you have one, and if not, we’ll give you a template for the important information.

This, and your skills mapping, will allow us to create your best CV, elegantly laid out and compelling.

If you want, we can also help with your cover letter and Linkedin profile.

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Interview skills

Unsurprisingly, few people feel comfortable being interviewed. But a session with one of our coaches will make it a good experience.

We'll help you prepare, thinking through answers and being ready to offer compelling answers.

We’ll work on confidence, so you walk in the room with your shoulders back, keep eye contact, and sit calmly. If you have to deliver a presentation, we’ll cover that too.

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