Industry: Marketing

Salary range: from £60k-£80k to £150k-£200k

Area: Avon

About my ideal job share pair: "My ideal job share pair would be a great “chemistry” partner, but who has a very complementary & different set of attributes / skills to me...

So it’s vital to me that by working together we can be more than the sum of the parts; create a “third space” between us - that Venn diagram overlap - which only comes into being because of our differences; and thrive professionally (and personally!) because of this set-up

In terms of experience and so on, it’s really important that we have mutual personal and professional respect; i.e., no rivalry/envy/insecurity. So it’s someone who’s really comfortable advising CX, CFOs and boards, as well as team-management and with very senior external stakeholders. And because of the job-share nature of this, who gets things done well, with ease and a smile because they’re enjoying it!

Temperamentally, that self-confidence means that (like me, I hope!) they love playing within their own skills set and gladly acknowledge / celebrate their strengths. If they’re a detail-heavy completer-finisher, marvellous; and they revel in it rather than worry about it. But we both need to carry our fair responsibilities, back one another up with our colleagues, be confident about explaining our set-up and be mutually protective of the other one’s non-working time.

Re: skills, I can easily imagine that a data-led marketeering skills set would click beautifully with my political/stakeholder/story/reputation/crisis offer. Someone with that natural analytical bent and know-how, who relishes using new tech where appropriate would be an exciting job share partner. It’s not as simplistic as left brain/right brain or science/arts, but I hope you can get a feel with these analogies.

My ideal would be that we’re a great team, with clear separate strengths, great together, and able to communicate this really well to colleagues, bosses and stakeholders. That could be very exciting!"

Want to have an exploratory chat? Drop us a line using the reference GK434 and we'll connect you:

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