Kitchen Table Coaching - career and personal coaching delivered in your home, to you and a group of your trusted friends.

Kitchen Table Coaching is a brilliant new way to access the best coaching and support there is, to allow yourself to develop your career.


Professional coaches run group sessions for you and a group of your friends in your home. The workshops are brilliant and game-changing, creating the space for you to focus on yourself (which I'll bet you don't do enough of) and your career. Working with people in your social circle bypasses those awful tumbleweed moments when everyone is too embarrassed to speak (no cheesy icebreakers for us) - and you can continue to encourage one-another after.

Plus no long, inconvenient journey, and because you share the cost of the coach, it's truly affordable (£50pp). 

Find out more: Kitchen Table Coaching.


What people say:

"A thought-provoking and game-changing workshop. I can't wait to get started on the next phase of my career."

"A great evening - fun and so valuable. And just around the corner."

"Lots of my friends jumped at the opportunity to take part in the workshop. It felt like I was helping them solve a problem they already knew they had. To get a date together we used Doodle and to communicate we started a Whatsapp group. Sara did everything else - I just needed to get the kids into bed and wait for everyone to turn up!

By the next morning I was at work knowing I’d gained new professional skills without any “work downtime”. It was really cost effective too because we were effectively crowd funding the training between us. Finally, it’s given me some really healthy peer pressure. We’ve kept the whatsapp group to hold each other accountable to carry out the tasks we committed to do to make life changing developments."

"Thanks so much to you all for the great company tonight, and to Sara for your amazing, empowering workshop."


How it works:

― The host

  • Contacts their friends, to find between 6 and 12 people to join the session 
  • Reserves a session

― Participants

  • Book online, using the session code
  • Receive their pre-work two weeks before the session

― The host

  • Sets the room up
  • Organises snacks and refreshments as the group wants.
  • Ensures (as far as possible) that the space is distraction free (no partners and kids , though we all know sometimes kids need attention, and that's just real life). We're totally happy with babes in arms, if you are too.

― The coach

  • Comes to your home
  • Runs a great session


What it costs:

  • Each session costs £50 per person, for a minimum of six and a maximum of twelve participants.
  • The host's session is free if eight or more participants book.
  • At the end of the session, all participants receive a special code – if another session is booked within three months using the code (this can be you, your friends, or simply via recommendation), you will receive £50, as a thank you. 
Sara Allen