Eight things to get right when you set up your job share

  1. Get working patterns right. Probably the reason for sharing in the first place. Make sure you are both happy, because if you don't, there will be cracks in the foundation of your relationship.

  2. Make your inbox and calendar work for you. They can be a tools for good or ill at the best of times. But you can make them work for you, harnessing them for effective communication with your job share pair.

  3. Perfect your Handover. Critical for sharing information, but also for developing your relationship and understanding of one another.

  4. Get the most out of your team. You're in a job share: double the chances for really effective relationships with your team. 

  5. Set shared strategic objectives. You need to find goals for the role which feel right for you both.

  6. Performance management. It must be fair. It might be shared. And of course the success of the partnership should be one of your objectives - why not - you're going to put effort and energy into it!

  7. Career development & progression. Job-sharing will enable you to continue on an ambitious trajectory, so you don't need to hold back.

  8. Ending the partnership. Nothing good lasts forever: understanding what you both want from the off means you are working towards a common goal.


Sara Allen