We always keep a a roundup of the best job share opportunities, which you’ll find here.

But what if you can’t see the role for you?

We know that any full-time role will work brilliantly as a job-share. So we recommend that identify full-time roles for which you are a great candidate and ask the employer to consider an application from job-sharers*.

We’ve created a persuasive template letter for you to send, alongside guidance for how to recruit job-sharers alongside full-time applicants, and an introduction to job-sharing. Use this form to let us know you'd like the info and we'll send it out to you pronto.


While you don’t have to apply as a pair, it’s ever so much easier if you do. Head here to read our guidance on finding a job share partner.

And if you already have a partner, then you can access our support to apply as a pair here.