Do this by:

  1. Finding a job share partner

  2. Spotting full-time roles for which you would be *perfect*

  3. Asking if the recruiter are open to applications from sharers.
    (Employers don’t always say yes, but they often do.)


Find Your Perfect Share

Download our guide to finding a job share partner from within your network here.

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Found a partner?

We've written the definitive blueprint to setting up a successful job share which you can download here.

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Ready to find a new job?

No need to be restricted to jobs which are open to sharers. Find out how to turn any full-time role in to a job share here.

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Already got a role?

If you’re about to start a job share and looking for some support to get it right from the off or already in a job share and thinking about how to make it work better, then drop us a line.

Applying for roles

Read about how to handle being interviewed as a job sharer, and how best to get interviews just right, here.