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Your first step should be finding a job share partner.

It's loads easier to apply for roles when you're already paired up and can explain how your partnership is going to work.

There are two ways to find a partner: through your network, and via our candidate community. We recommend you do both.

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Download our guide to finding a partner from within your network here.

Create a job share profile to share with our candidate community here.


Before you start looking for roles, you should spend some time preparing your partnership.

Your goal when applying for roles is to give confidence in your partnership, and an insight into the benefits you bring them (how your skills and experience combine) so that they want to interview you, even if job-sharing isn’t part of their usual talent strategy.

Download our guide to this prep here.


Finding a role is much easier than you'd think.

Don't be restricted to jobs which are listed as open to sharers. Find out how to turn any full-time role in to a job share here.

Check out our jobs board for the latest job share opportunities here


Preparation, preparation, preparation.

Getting ready for interview is an art - how best to share compelling answers while seeming spontaeous and engaging...

Read about how to handle being interviewed as a job sharer, and how best to get interviews just right, here.


You've got the job.

Wonderful news. Now you can build on the work you did with your job share partner before applying for jobs, deciding how to approach your partnership, how to co-deliver your specific role as a job share playing to both of your strengths, what might be tricky and how to handle it, how to communicate effectively and so forth.

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Already got a full-time role and want to turn it into a job share?

What you might want to think about:

Are there already job sharers within your organisation, a job share policy or a mention of job shares in your job ads? If the answer to any of these is yes, I would anticipate that the conversation would be relatively simple.

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If not, then you’ll need to start with job-sharing 101 - what it is, how it works etc...

Read our guide to making a job share request, including case studies and making a compelling business case, here.


Already in a job share and want to make it work better?

Sometimes a job share needs a little support to optimise the partnership. Read our guide to ten things to think about when you're in a job share here.

And if you'd like to talk about how we can help, drop us a line here.