Finding a role

Finding a role

If you're considering a new role, then the first place to head is our jobs board. There are some cracking vacancies, and we're adding new ones all the time.

But if you can't see the right job for you - don't despair! We work directly with candidates throughout the job search & application process.


+ Finding your perfect role

The bottom line is that there are fewer vacancies already open to sharers than people wanting to share. But that's often because employers arent aware of the benefits of job-sharing, or how to make it work. So we tackle it head on.

You create a list of current full-time vacancies you'd like to deliver as a job share, or employers you're keen to work for, and we'll approach them on your behalf.

We'll set out the benefits of job-sharing, and a clear and easy process for making it work. Clearing the way for you to submit a great application.

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+ Creating your best CV

We’ll build on your current CV if you have one, and if not, we’ll give you a template for the important information. But, crucially, we'll go through a skills mapping process, drawing on perspectives from people in your network. We do this because, chances are, you hugely undeplay your strengths (and leave lots out too). We'll help you to create a CV which shows just how great you are.

This will allow us to create your best CV, elegantly laid out and compelling.

If you want, we can also help with your cover letter and Linkedin profile.

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+ Being brilliant at interviews

Unsuprisingly, few people feel comfortable being interviewed. But a session with one of our coaches will make it a good experience.

We'll help you prepare, thinking through answers and being ready to offer compelling answers. We’ll work on confidence, so you walk in the room with your shoulders back, keep eye contact, and sit calmly. If you have to deliver a presentation, we’ll cover that too.

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Find out how we'll help you find a job share pair or about our unique Job Share Checklist© and coaching approach, for when you are in post.