Finding a job share pair

Finding a job share partner

We have a growing community of candidates, like you, looking for a job share partner. When you're ready, we'll help you find your perfect job share pair.

+ When?

Depending on circumstance, you may want to look:

  • When you are about to look for a role.

  • During the recruitment process. Some employers accept expressions of interest in the role and then look to form job share pairs from the pool of applicants.

  • When you are in post. Perhaps you want to reduce your hours/ your job share pair is moving on/ you're ready for promotion, but the increased hours are holding you back.


+ Who?

You may find you already know your perfect pair – they might be a colleague or friend of a friend.

If you are in post, your employer may already have a list of people who are interested in job-sharing, or want to reduce their hours.

If not, we have a growing community of candidates - across a range of industries, locations and seniorities - with whom you could match online, or at one of our speed networking events.


+ How?

We know the best job share pairs have a spread of skills and experience greater than any one person could bring . We'll use our unique online matching tool to identify a shortlist of potential matches for you, or to test a potential partnership you already have in mind.

  • You create an online job share profile covering about your work approach & experience.

  • We send you a shortlist of potential matches.

  • When you’re ready, you met potential pairs to test your "chemistry". We'll guide you through the process.

  • Joint CV - when you've found your perfect pair, we'll create a joint CV setting out how your skills sit alongside one-another, drawing on your combined online job share profiles. You'll use this when you apply for roles. We'll help you with applications and interviews too.


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