You’ve got two options - we always recommend you do both, in tandem.


Via our community We have a growing community of candidates who want to job share, across a wide range of industries, locations and levels of seniority. So how do you access them?

The answer - via our bi-weekly bulletin:

  • Once you have created your job share profile, we'll share it (anonymised) in our newsletter.

  • We'll connect you with any poential matches who indicate they would like to be connect (and vice versa - if you see a potential match, let us know).

Within your network

Lots of people find their job share partner with very few degrees of seperation. So we've created a guide to help you shake your tree too. You'll also find out about how to explore a potential job share partnership.

Use this form to let us know you'd like the info and we'll send it out to you pronto.


At Further&More, our aim is to connect people whose interests and skills are aligned. This is not, however, a guarantee that our pairings will always be a perfect fit. Please be aware that Further&More accepts no liability for job-share matches that do not meet candidates' expectations. And in addition, we urge you to take always sensible precautions when sharing personal information and/ or meeting someone new.